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I use my Shelafri account(http://www.shelfari.com/kdf_333) more for keeping track of the books i've read or want to read. i use Goodreads ( https://www.goodreads.com/kdf_333) more for social networking because a lot of my coworkers use it. I just found out about this site and decided to give it a whirl.


I am an average book loving gal. i love to read fiction. I love mysteries, romance, certain sci-fi, and certain YA. I work at my public library (since 2006) doing a variety of things. I also work at a dress store part time to pay for my addiction of clothes & accessories. From middle school to my first year in college i worked in my school libraries. i only got paid in college. i have to yearly purge my collection of books and get rid of the ones i know i will not read. i keep most of my nonfiction Christian growth books or biographies, and reference material. i also keep my trivia books or personality quiz type books.


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Rebel Heart


first part of the story Saba is going through some serous post traumatic stress as is her rescued brother Lugh. Lugh displays his PTSD as anger. Saba is seeing dead people, not sleeping, sleepwalking, and blacking out. So they come upon a settlement on their journey out to the big water. Emmi convinces them to stop to get help for Saba. a medicine woman/shaman/star reader girl is there who helps Saba. Saba leaves to find Jack when Maev comes to the camp with awful news. Saba leaves before she is finished being healed. so i am like okay wait. you are seeing dead people and all out of sorts but you are gonna go tearing off to help Jack before you are completely recovered. really??? smh. you are going to try and leave your family and friends behind, yeah really. so i am not liking Saba so far but i excuse it cuz of the PTSD.

she is set (obsessed) on finding Jack just like she was set on finding Lugh in the first book. Saba is almost back to her bad ass self but not quite. She is not as strong; she's still broken, confused. then she doubts Jack. so you go all this way not doubting and you are smart enough to figure out Jack's message BUT you can't figure out that Jack needed to shut Emmi up before she talked and revealed that he was not really Tonton and that the rest of you guys might be nearby??? REALLY???!! ok. her brain is not working right, PTSD. i get that but then you sleep with DEMALO?? ok. you and Demalo have some weird Pyschic connection; mad at Jack =want to hurt him, and a little drunk. i get it but your first time?? REALLY???!!!

then you go back and help the rebels and have a chance to kill Demalo and you don't. umm i might excuse it cuz of the heartstone. then you lie to Tommo. then just like that you are not mad at jack and believe and lay with him as well. SIGH. I. AM. DONE. i feel like Tommo at the end of the book. oh Saba. Oh Moria.

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