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I am an average book loving gal. i love to read fiction. I love mysteries, romance, certain sci-fi, and certain YA. I work at my public library (since 2006) doing a variety of things. I also work at a dress store part time to pay for my addiction of clothes & accessories. From middle school to my first year in college i worked in my school libraries. i only got paid in college. i have to yearly purge my collection of books and get rid of the ones i know i will not read. i keep most of my nonfiction Christian growth books or biographies, and reference material. i also keep my trivia books or personality quiz type books.


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There Will Be Dragons

There Will Be Dragons - John Ringo I have read Ringo's stuff in anthologies so i figured it'd be sc-fi dragons. umm there were no dragons well ok, 1. and we didn't even get to talk with her. so the title is a big fat lie and the cover is also a big fat lie this is not a fantasy book.it's a sci-fi book with medieval tendencies.

I read the other reviews of the book and was very surprised by the claims of this book being hateful towards women.

There are a ton of books where women are not the main characters and are just stereotypes, the same can be said of men in chick-lit, children in adult books, adults in YA books, etc. This doesn't make the book hateful towards that group.

One person mentioned rape fantasies as being a reason..um have you read a romance novel...ever? i have read more than one historical and contemporary romance and erotica novels that had rape in it and the women still fell for the men. i actually stopped reading a very famous romance author (coulter) because of this. i thought the fact these women in Ringo's novel bounced back from the rapes so fast a bit unrealistic since they came from a society that had never heard of such things.

I think someone also disliked the little girl fantasies and the bondage fantasy which was such a small part of the book that i wonder at these folks for focusing so much on it. anyway, again they must be very sheltered if they have not heard of these fetishes /fantasies before reading this book.

a couple other people complained about the women and their periods. i thought it was a bit unrealistic that the women were not freaking out more. i hate, HATE, hate getting my period. i think it's disgusting and oh so uncomfortable and inconvenient. i don't see the misogyny there.

somebody else said it was misogynistic because the women were complaining about giving natural births instead of using uterine replicators. really? REALLY? all the women in my family have had difficult pregnancies and labors. the women on my mom's side have a hard time even getting pregnant. a uterine replicator would solve both problems. i am not saying it would be better but it's certainly not being hateful.

The book was ok.it was great but i will not be reading the sequels because it sounds like a long war and the main characters are cool but i prefer my military sci-fi to have women protagonists (Like Tanya Huff's Valor series and Weber's Harrington series).

i gotta say i don't get the negative reviews were misogyny was the main reason. the other negative reviews were users' personal taste and that's understandable.

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