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I use my Shelafri account(http://www.shelfari.com/kdf_333) more for keeping track of the books i've read or want to read. i use Goodreads ( https://www.goodreads.com/kdf_333) more for social networking because a lot of my coworkers use it. I just found out about this site and decided to give it a whirl.


I am an average book loving gal. i love to read fiction. I love mysteries, romance, certain sci-fi, and certain YA. I work at my public library (since 2006) doing a variety of things. I also work at a dress store part time to pay for my addiction of clothes & accessories. From middle school to my first year in college i worked in my school libraries. i only got paid in college. i have to yearly purge my collection of books and get rid of the ones i know i will not read. i keep most of my nonfiction Christian growth books or biographies, and reference material. i also keep my trivia books or personality quiz type books.


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Ms. Marvel Vol. 4: Last Days

Ms. Marvel Vol. 4: Last Days - Marvel Comics So i reread Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3: Crushed. i liked it a lot. and i did forget some key plot points so glad for the reread.

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 4: Last Dayshad a lot of crossover issues. Spider-man and Captain Marvel. granted vol 3 had Loki and the Agents of Shield. the difference is the crossover comics in vol 3 i didn't feel lik had to know the background of Loki and the Agents of Shield in order to enjoy the story. Versus vol4 wher ei felt like i was missing an important plot point because i didn't know their stories.

to me this SCREAMS publisher marketing ploy to sell more comics knowing that Ms. Marvel has drawn in new comic book readers, a lot who don't normally read superhero comics (like me!) or who are new to the who idea of reading GN's and comic books.

the stories were interesting but it did annoy me. the reason i don't read superhero comics is because of all the mythology and background you have to know in order to fully understand what's going on. if Ms.Marvel is going to be that connected to the rest of Marvel universe i may not continue reading the series. i'll just look at the movies like i do with the rest of the superhero comic book characters.

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